Munro Williams, Arch.Tech, RRO
ARCA Accepted Roofing Inspector

Building Owners and Managers:

In today's roofing industry there are a great many roofing products and systems available.  They all have their pros and cons, and varying costs. Some are more appropriate for certain building types and occupancies than others. There are also a great many roofing contractors in the market. Many off them have different specialties, recommendations, and offers. There are big choices to make. You need multiple bids from competing contractors- but in order to compare prices, you need to be sure that the bids are comparable in scope.

When a roofing contractor is in the process of replacing your roof, how do you know what they are doing up there? How do you know that you are getting what you are paying for?

The services of a  qualified Roofing Consultant are a key component of a smooth and successful roofing project. Someone who works directly for you, as your technical liaison with your contractor. Someone who is not selling you any products or installations, but is providing you with an objective, unbiased service. Someone who will help you choose the roofing system to meet your needs, budget, and expectations, and then create a technical specification to which competing contractors can submit bids which will be comparable. Someone who will observe the work in progress and document it, making sure it is in compliance with the contract.

Roofing projects are major investments in your property. Roofing systems are critically important components of your building.

Get professional assistance with that project from a qualified roofing consultant. I would be pleased to be of service.

Architects and Builders:

I provide independent third party observation and documentation of roofing system application during construction. I check for compliance with the specifications and industry standards. I work with you to get the details right - such as roof penetrations and connections to other adjacent building systems.

Roofing Systems In Which I Specialize:

Low Sloped (Flat) Membrane Roofing Systems - Commercial, Industrial, Residential

Steep Sloped Systems - Commercial